Is vertical liftoff supported by Arduplane?


i never dealt with the plane, only with copters, so, sorry for possible off-topic.
What i wonder about - the current codebase, does it support an operation mode where flying wing sits on its tail on the ground, then motors bring it up vertically, then it pitches nose down 90deg and continues a horizontal flight?

and, in reverse, to land in the vertical mode?

or, alternatively, a combination of quad/plane where it would not be sitting nose up at start, but 4 motors would lift it up, as a quad, and then a primary front motor would pull it as a plane, horizontally?

what is supported for such operations, if anything?

yes, that is called “tailsitter” and “quadplane”
Have a look in the ardupilot documentation, or seem demos on the ardupilot youtube channel

excellent, thx, will do!