Is this type VTOL supported? - KapetAir


The below video is showing
Lifting : 3 motors
Yawing : vectored front twin motors… so far it’s normal tri type VTOL
On transition from vertical to forward mode, only one tail motor is running with front twin motors stopped.

I couldn’t find on these type of setup on wiki.
Is this available at current version of ArduPlane?

not directly, but I reckon it wouldn’t take too much coding to make it work.

I like that design a lot. We don’t support it yet, but I plan on adding it when I have time.


Thanks so much Tridge, Looking forward to have chance to try it in near future ^^

what kind of system are they using??

any idea???

Hi, I planning to build a VTOL with exactly this type, because it’s one of me most efficient and neat designs I have seen in VTOL. As I want to use Ardupilot I can only do this if this feature has already been implemented; I’ve searched all PRs but didn’t find anything… @tridge Has this already been done?
@saintofinternet They used a customized version of PX4 for that, see

yes, that is a vectored yaw tilt quadplane. Tricopter varients like this fly fine.
It is very similar to this plane:

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This also adds support for tilting rear motors

Excellent, thanks for the info!

But is it somehow possible to switch off certain motors (front, rear) after transition to wing mode is completed?

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not at the moment, but I’m happy to add that.
I think we’d need to taper off the disabled motors gradually, and re-enable them if the remaining motors get to 100% throttle for more than N seconds.


I’m very happy to read that, as it is a requirement for an eagerly awaited project of mine :slight_smile:

Makes sense, some kind of dynamical en-/disabling.

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I have done this with a scripting before, you can monitor the throttle out function and then use servo override with timeout to stop the motors you don’t want. Works great. And its quite safe because if the script dies the timeouts expires and you go back to using all the motors.


@iampete sounds good, do you have a copy of the script?
@tyllurius what flight controller are you using? We need to know if it supports lua scripts

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Same as in my previous builds, mRo X2.1

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This is the script.

It its just a on/off rather than a gradual shutdown, it also has a switch to enable and disable. Would need a bit of re-work for a tilit rotor since it doesn’t use the normal motor output functions this script looks for. But it is a starting point.

It might run on a F4 once my memory PR is in, probably not without it tho…

edit: we might need to add a binding to check for Qassist being active too… it did not mater on the vehicle this was for originally.

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Thanks for sharing! That should be the starting signal for my project.
I’ll dig into that LUA stuff later, once the plane is ready :wink:

with Peter’s suggestion in another thread, I wrote a script that turns off specific rotors based on rotor tilt angles and even the flight speed. There is also a switch that tells if the front rotors or the rear rotor need fo shut off when angle conditions and speed conditions are met. i can send a copy of the script if interested.

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Hi Albcem, this sounds very nice, I’ll return to it when I progress to the project state where I’m in need of it :ok_hand:

Hi, I’ve been following this thread and currently working on a similar solution.@Albcem please can you share the script for shutting down the motors depending on the angle? That’s would be a great starting point for me. Thanks in advance