Is there mounting position option in ardupilot parameter?

I’m making 1200mm class quadcopter

And its frame have narrow space so i made upper deck on the frame and planned to mount pixhawk on deck.

It is about 6cm high from the motor level.

Because gps antenna should on highest position due to interference problem, pixhawk also go to highest position.

Is there parameter that define mounting position?

I think ardupilot don’t have such parameter and my old zyx-m had that option.(that time i mounted fc far from center but it worked very well)

I suggest ardupilot should have this parameter in their firmware.

And is it safe to mount pixhawk 6cm high from motor level?

There is the INS_POS parameters, but generally you don’t need to set them unless the flight controller is a LONG way from CG. On a multirotor it’s difficult to get more than a few centimetres from the CG. See the units are in metres!


Thank you!

For precise control i will set the parameter…

Thank you