Is there an off the shelf IC2 Expansion board for Cube a.k.a Pixhawk 2.1?

I am looking for an IC2 expansion board for Cube. I can’t seem to find one.

Is anyone making those? Checked Proficnc web site, nothing there. @proficnc

it is already in the box dude,

there is I2C expansion board with 6 port in there.

ha ha…sorry I meant how to buy some additional ones for bench use.

If you are located near Indonesia, i can give 1 or 2 board for free. i have some and unused.

:slight_smile: Thanks young man. Its on my list of countries to visit. Great food for sure…

I will keep searching. maybe @proficnc will reply.

How many Are you looking for? I have a couple and I am in MA

I have at least 2 or 3 I could send you

Or buy one on Amazon. It will take awhile to receive Even some Prime shipments are delayed these days… Quicker to get it form Dave :grinning:

Another good source for Cube stuff is SpektreWorks. Those guys have offered great service and support!!

Thanks Dave…if you have a shop I can order from you. Just need one for the time being.

Thanks Dave!..

By the way is there a such thing as CAN port expansion unit?

I think you could re-purpose the I2C expansion board to do that.

Yes that is possibility, will have to make I2C connectors to CAN male cables/connectors…

I guess there is no demand for such expansion board. I like it on bench testing setup this way I can monkey around with all types of things and not to deal with wires and cables once setup.

I2c connectors and CAN connectors are exactly the same. My expansion boards are I2c/CAN. Both are 4 pin jst gh connectors

That’s a nice looking board…


  1. what is your take on Cube and here 2+ GNNS GPS? any good?. About to use them on a very expensive HexaCopter for the first time.

  2. Also, any experience with DragonLink V3?

i’m using cube with Here 2 on my giant hexa and quad, both are spraying drones and using 30" propeller.

The cube handle pretty well, but i have struggle using here 2 with CAN port, hard to get sats. but when using serial port, it is easy to get sats and lock.

for dragon link, how far you wanna go with copter ?

I have heard that Here2 GNSS is a shitty GPS. So I am concerned about using it. Looking for bunch of people consensus on it.

I am just playing with Dragon Link. I know it can do lots of miles. Bunch of people have claimed that Dragon Link V3 Tx radio smoked (One capacitor got burnt) during flight. Check RC group and You tube videos.

I am also testing a solution which is military grade and can do 80+km using yagi antennas.

I evaluate products on the bench for fun and pass my knowledge to my engineers to make final selections on products for commercial drones and products we develop.

i feel Here 1 is better than here 2, lol

i have dragon link, but it is V1 and i’ve never flown using it again.
TBS Crossfire do the job for me.

you can build a ground station using RFDesign then if you want a military grade and doing 80+km using Yagi Antennas.

Why you think here 1 is better? Wouldn’t be better if use the good old Pixhawk U-Blocks GPS Instead?

Dragon link is pretty powerful, especially V3. Tons of cool features.

yes, You can use RFD9000+, but that only solves telemetry problems. We are designing a long range video, telemetry and total control system up to 80Km. RFD9000 is used as backup.

Because it is more straight forward. plug and play out of the box. so it is more convenient for me.

Here 2, i have to update the firmware and etc if using CAN , or i have to open the Here2 if i want to use serial port.

with RFD900x you can do RCLink too. but for video it must be using another radio system.

RD9000+ to do RC over MAVLINK?