Is there an off the shelf IC2 Expansion board for Cube a.k.a Pixhawk 2.1?

I personally use the CUAV V2 Pro Can gps It has a RM3100 Compass which is a much better compass

the RFD900X not the RFD900+.

the RFD900X can do RC passthrough.
Check it on their website.
and i think alot of people already do it, including me.

but it is using PPM, not SBUS.
there is more latency, but it is still flyable.

I would not put all my eggs in one basket. I had RFD9000X before, and got rid of them. RFD9000X supports MAVLINK 2.

I am all about redundant designs. we are even looking into completely re designing Pixhawk. So far with no offense to anyone, not a very good job in the re design efforts so far.

I am now kind of sitting on the fence. I had here GPS 1 before, sold them thinking Here2 is better and bought two new Here2+ GNSS. Still in the boxes. maybe get rid of them?


Do you guys know pinning of this GPS? Driving me nuts right now…no freaking users manual by Holybro.

I ended up selling my Here2+ . However I am kind of a CUAV fan boy. But that being said, I like the rm3100 compass offered in the V2 Pro Can GPS

Have you seen this?

lol…I guess i am getting old. thanks that will help. thanks buddy!

So red wire is SCL? Now red wire in electronics world is always VCC… this what drives me crazy…

I built this DJI FPV air unit using Kakute F7 HD. It went crazy during first flight and almost lost it. so now putting in GPS to bring the baby back home till I figure out its tuning and stability.

Red is always VCC, or atleast it should be. Most of the time slc and sla wires are white/yellow or green/yellow

But if you look at Holybro manual red wire is SCL.

I got it to work!!! thanks…

if you gonna use it on Mini quad, there is a better option for GPS.

you can try use Matek GPS, it is lighter and smaller. and have a good quality.

Where can I buy 5mm prop spacers, plastic ones?

I use these for CAN and they work like a charm. I found an overseas site that had these on clearance.