Is there a way to setup a current offset?


i use current/voltage setup with a parameter 9 - to read it from the 4in1 esc. it appears that when done like that, it correctly measures the current consumed by motors but does not take to the account current consumed by rest of the components and it is a bit annoying.

i do not see any parameter that would allow to setup that ‘static’ current anywhere - like, my model consumes around of .35A at idle - FC, VTX, etc. - it would be nice to set it somewhere but i do not see where.

Nope, but it needs only a couple lines of code.
The question is that do you really need such precision.

there my be a way to change it in the BLHeli settings, there is a voltage offset i think, cant remember if there is current or not.

no, do not need, per se, but, it would be nice for total power measurement to be better, more accurate. it just needs a new parameter, i would guess, to specify a current offset. can anybody do that? or, it is not really what is needed?
if blheli_32 control suite has this setting - i would love to know what it is, i did not research that yet, if it can be done via blheli config, then it is not an issue at all for ardupilot - i just do not know how.