Is the new Raspberry Pi 4 compatible with ArduPilot?

I would like to use the new Raspberry Pi 4.
Is it compatible with ArduPilot?

What do you want to do with it?
Use it as a companion computer?
Use it with an IMU HAT as a flightcontroller?

I would like to use as a companion computer with NAVIO2.

Emlid is working on it. Look at their forum. We may have to wait a little bit.

Hi Mark and Sebastian,

Thanks for your input here!

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Hi Jonathan,

Dmitriy from Emlid here.

Once we receive the latest Raspberry (already on its way to us), we’ll need some time to test it and release the new image.

Hi Sebastian, what do you mean by IMU HAT? Sorry I also want to use RPi 4, but with Pixhawk1. Is it a problem? What is the main difference using RPi 4 and RPi3 as a companion computer with Pixhawk1??? Or with Pixhawk2 ??? BR.

Something like

How about if I just want to use this Rpi4 with Pixhawk 1 as companion computer? Can we do it? Is it working as we do with RPi3 ???

I would wait a bit, before using a RPi4. It seems it has some overheating/throttling issues and the recent firmware fix does not solve the problem completly. Adding a heatsink to a conpanion computer RPi 4 is easy, but a RPi4 under a Navio2 or another IMU HAT might have problems. Especially if someone wants to make use of the extra computing power.

I use a 3B+ with a Pixhawk 1. Although the 4 has the option for more RAM I would stick with the 3 until the 4 has had a bit of time on the market.

Thanks for all the answers.
I am planning to use at the moment RPi3 with Navio2.
And, then upgrade to RPi4.
But is the hardware of the RPi4 compatible with Navio2?

I’m curious how you intend to power the thing. Sounds like the safest way is by hauling a rectifier into the air in order to use its stock wall charger.

If the Pi 4 or some Pi clone could, say, encode in h265, I’d be curious too. But if the only incentive is not to have to lay down another $35, maybe not.

Just use a USB C cable off a dedicated BEC. Not a smart cable. Just + and - . I would think it would be fine.

RPi 3 and RPi 4 has same UART (GPIO) port setup. You can run any linux based OS to read data from any version of pixhawk. Everything is done using MAVLink protocol.

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No change on the encoding capacity, it is always 1920x1080 at 30FPS.

I use a wall charger with USB C cable (from a tablet).