Is pixhawk orange cube more appropriate with ardupilot 4.0?

I heard that only difference with cube orange and black is processor speed.

Im planning to make 1200 class quad copter and i think I dont need very fast calculating power.

It is possible to add terraranger lidar hub and lidar for measure height.

But i think if there are tasks needs calculating power that will be done by external computer, not FC.

So i think cube orange dont have merit compared to cube black, for all platform of drone, excepts i use px4.

But i want to hear from developer’s view.
Is ardupilot 4.0 needs more calculating power for its complex pid system or loop…?

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You don’t have any problem to add a teraranger hub and lidars on both flight controllers.
Me im using teraranger tower on my mro control zero f7 and pixracer pro without any problem.
Just consider that teraranger hub need 12v power supply… so better power it with an external ubec.
ardupilot firmware is in heavy development and a good and power mcu is required

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The sensors on the orange are also better. Not only the processor.

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Thank you for your reply.

Ah… Thank you for your reply