Is ocusync user here?

Hello everybody Hello everyone

I made a quad copter for some tests!

Now I want to apply ocusync.

There was a video on youtube, but I could not understand what it was.

If i apply ocusync to pixhawk, i can see it in goggles.
In addition, I would like to monitor the quadcoptor’s condition here in the Mission planner.

I watched the video of that youtube.
It looks like the telemetry port is already assigned to ocusync.
So how do I connect a telemetry for monitoring mission planner to pixhawk?!?!

Or, if ocusync can act as a telemetry, what does the GCS-accepted telemetry use?

It’s hard to start with wiring in the first place.

Whereas sbus should be regarded as a pixhawk,
There is no information on whether RX TX is rx tx on the telemetry port or Rx tx on the other port.