Is navigation possible during precision landing? Can landings be aborted? (Delivery application)

I am trying to get my drone to accurately dropoff a parcel (food in this case) and then land nearby. I have precision landing onto a single Aruco marker working however I would really like to have the drone drop something off beside Aruco marker 1, then land on marker 2 that is nearby (about 5 metres away which is the length of the rope below the drone).

Obviously I don’t want to drop the food off on top of marker 1 as the marker image then becomes obscured. I would like to use the precision landing feature because it accounts for tilt in gusty conditions.

So I do MAV_CMD_NAV_LAND to start the descent above marker 1. The food is dropped off, but I now need to fly to marker 2 to land.

I have tried doing these in SITL to try to stop the landing:

  • Setting a position target in a normal Mavlink message (this works fine when not in LAND mode).
  • Using MAV_CMD_NAV_GUIDED_ENABLE (don’t think this is useful but tried it anyway)
  • And even using MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF

Anyone have any ideas how to abort a landing so I can navigate in order to do another landing?