Is my ArduCopter frame too old?

I started building this back in 2012, stopped, then dragged it with through all my military moves until now when I’m faced with either trying to figure it all out and keep going, or see if I should just try to sell the old dinosaur.

I just have the frame, motors, ESC, etc… no brains or sensors.

Is this too outdated to do anything with? Is there still documentation out there that can help me purchase full APM autopilot electronics, GPS, magnetometer, etc.?

I’d love to try, but if the world has moved on, so will I.

I apologize if this isn’t the place for this post, and I appreciate any help. Have a great day.


As long as there is no damage to the frame or the materials have not dry rotted it should be fine,
You can do an ESC calibration to verify the ESC’s and motors work without the need of a flight controller.

Go here to see what board is right for you.


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Frame looks nice! Frame/motor/esc technology has been refined a bit over the past few years but nothing particularly significant in mainstream. You can fly a shoebox or a donut as a quad, the important stuff is in the flight controller. And the upcoming 3.6 has the new ChibiOS support which opens up dozens of new flight controllers. Have fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Helmet and @fnoop !!

I think I may just try and tackle this myself. Good to know there are still active forums and that there shouldn’t be an issue buying an up-to-date flight controller with 6-year old hardware.