Is it possible to use Ardupilot as a connector between devices?

Hi all!
I know the title doesn’t give enough info, so let me clarify a little.


I’m working on a little, personal project, and i’m stuck on one trouble. I’m trying to create a multipurpose companion periphery based on Nvidia Jetson NANO, but due to my inexperience, i bought a dev version with only 2 UART ports. Moreover, one of them is a terminal-console, so it’s almost impossible to use which leaves one UART.

Now, the thing is i’m trying to stick with Telem#-UART interface, cause it is easy and already completed)

Is it possible to set up 2 Telem ports, so the ArduPilot will retranslate data through itself a few times?

[AP:: Telem1 ] → [ Jetson N ] → [AP::Telem1] → [AP::Telem2] → [Any other device]

  1. AP receives the command long and redirects it to Telem1;
  2. Jetson Nano receives from Telem1 and sends custom MAV command to Telem1 back;
  3. AP gets new info and redirects it to Telem2;
  4. And suppose it has to be some feedback, the data will travel in the opposite direction.

Yes, MAVLink telem protocol does this already. Although you might have a bad time if your trying to push huge amounts of data.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but am i supposed to send all necessary data from jetson nano to Ardupilot, hoping another device will receive them?
Like sent data to Ardupilot with other devices CompID?