Is it possible to select a particular version for SITL in Mission Planner?

When starting the SITL (simulation) mode in Mission Planner, it automatically downloads the latest dev build for the selected airframe (at the moment ArduCopter V4.1.0-dev (379506b7)). The current SITL quad copter code seems to have a problem (heavy oscillations).

Is it possible to choose another build for SITL - e.g. 4.0.5 (stable) e.g. by a command line parameter?

Not currently possible, sorry

At least:
Is it possible to prohibit loading the latest build and instead work with the build that was downloaded the last time when I was using SITL? One way could be to disable the internet connection when starting the simulation?
Or perhaps there is a way to make a backup copy of a working build and restore it manually when the latest build seems to have a problem? Which subdirectory is it that would have to be backed up / restored?

@Hacky @iampete I hope this will be helpful. I know that I have been looking for a way to have mission planner launch another version of firmware other than the latest build. So you will have to compile the version yourself in Cygwin. To do that you would use this command line
./waf configure --board sitl --toolchain=i686-pc-cygwin
./waf vehicle where vehicle is copter, plane, heli …

move the *.exe file that is located in the cygwin64\home<user>\ardupilot\build\sitl\bin directory to your documents\mission planner\sitl directory
Then to keep mission planner from downloading the file make sure you select the “skip download”

if you have never done the simulation from mission planner, then you may have to let it download the file first so it will download any drivers it needs. after that you should be able to put your own exe file in there and have it skip the download.


Just an update to this thread. The configure command for compiling the executable for launching the simulation from mission planner has changed. Here is the new configure command
./waf configure --board sitl --toolchain=x86_64-pc-cygwin

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