Is it possible to keep the arducopter hovering at an angle


Is it possible for a companion computer using dronekit commands to change the drone’s pitch/yaw/roll angles while making the drone hover in place or in the same vicinity? E.g. drone pitches 60 degrees and hovers in place.

If so, how can it be achieved? What parameters to set, commands to send or modes to use?

Thank you

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If it pitches 60 degrees it will not hover in place, that is physics. No software parameters can change the way physics work.

Please explain in more detail why you think you need that feature? What is the real reason?

Hovering in one place is doable, no problem.


Thanks for the response. I do not have a specific use case right now. I was just wandering if it is possible for futute use. Also, I just found about the LOIT_ANG_MAX parameter that has a 45 max angle.

You can change that parameter to suit your need

That parameter definitely doesn’t allow you to hover in place at an angle incompatible with physics and reality.

It allows you to make position adjustments at pitch/roll angles up to its value.


How do you imagine that would be possible?
Thrust vector


Thanks everyone for their answers.

If you have really strong wind gusts, your multicopter will in fact hover in some degrees pitch towards the wind direction. Maybe not 60