Is it possible to control my quadcopter solely with a GCS?

Hi all,

I’d like to plan and execute a mission on my ArduCopter 3.6 rc8 controlled quadcopter solely using a GCS (QGroundControl) without using/connecting my rc transmitter/receiver.

I found a reference that it’s possible with ArduPlane, but did not find conclusive information on ArduCopter.
Is this possibe and if so, what parameters do I have to change to accomplish this?

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Jan Willem
The Netherlands

Yes. … It is (needed 20chars)

You’ll need to turn off the RC failsafe and arming check; I think they’re on by default. That’s FS_THR_ENABLE and ARMING_CHECK, respectively. Note that the arming check parameter is a bitmask, so you’ll have to figure out what combination you want. If you want all checks enabled except RC channels, I think you’d set ARMING_CHECK = 16318 for the bits 0b11111110111110.