Is it possible to adjust ESC battery data?


Are there any configurable multipliers to be used against the values returned from the ESC telemetry for voltage and current, when BATT_MONITOR is set to value 9?

2 ESCs i have return slightly incorrect reading of voltage - like, 16.4V instead of 16.7V and one ESC returns completely whacky reading of current - not 0, but, like, around of 0.6A instead of 4A or so.

Are there any parameters that would adjust those received values from ESC?

so, by a lack of any responses i guess there is no any kind of a parameter today to do a fine tuning of the voltage/current returned from the ESC telemetry stream?

is it possible to add it? or make a current parameter BATT_VOLT_MULT to apply against the number returned from the ESC data at least? heck with the current, but incorrect voltage is the annoying thing to deal with.


From a look at the driver it doesn’t appear that there is any scaling applied. So I think opening an issue on the issues list is the way to go.

I guess there may be a way to calibrate the reading from within BLHeli’s configuration software but that’s a guess.

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so, i looked at it yesterday, and i think it is not really essential to have this raised up. i have made 4 recent models on 4in1 escs. 1 is on tekko32, others are small ones using Ori32. so, out of 4 only 1 exhibits voltage reading mishap, it shows .2V lower than actual. other ESCs are dead on voltage wise. there is no adjustment to set custom multiplier for voltage in the blheli_32 suit, unfortunately.

for current sensor there is a slider in the blheli_32 gui, called current calibration. it is a pain to use as for some idiotic reason they did not put into that interface a feedback of what the measured current is when you adjust the slider, but it is possible to deal with it.

the only rationale to add this as a feature would be the fact that betaflight has this in its model - the available multiplier to fine tune voltage and current values.

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