Is it possible installing 5 lidar without using any programming skills?

Hello all,

I would like to install 5 lidar on pixhawk cube for 4-direction obstacle avoidance & height calculation

I read this document but I couldn’t find way to connect several lidar simultaneously, this describes connecting only 1 lidar. :

and, do i need 5 bec for each 5 lidar module…?

thank you for your answer in advance

Good day,
you can look for Teraranger evo hub with 4 evo 60…, the evo hub is serial.
The board require 12v power supply.
If you need an extra sensor and use it as altimeter you can add an evo 60 or evo 600 and wire it on the I2C port.
Alternatively if you don’t want I2C sensor you can wire it on can node.

Here is what you can do