Is ArduPilot right fit for my Trajectory/Orientation Project?

Hi All. I need a micro-air vehicle (quadcopter or multicopter) for my research and I would like to understand if Ardupilot has the capabilities for my specific application. The goal of this project is to create a trajectory/path for the vehicle to follow with defined orientations throughout the path. The trajectory/path is created based on data obtained from on-board external sensors (PixyCam, IMU, Lidar Sensor, microcontrollers).

From my understanding, I should use the drone-kit python to directly send linear and angular velocity commands to the vehicle in order to control the vehicles position, orientation, and speed? I am thinking about using the 3DR Hexa-C based on compatibility and payload capacity.

Based on the flowchart that I have attached, my understanding is that I need to purchase a vehicle (Hexa-C), which will come with a flight controller (i.e. pixyhawk) and that I need to download the dronekit software. My confusion comes from how to pick the companion computer and if it is included with the copter (I highly doubt this is true).

Thank you for any advice or suggestions that you can give as I am new to this field.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I have been continuing my research and I wanted to know if its possible to use an Arduino as the companion computer to send commands for linear/angular velocity, etc. I appreciate the help.

Yes you can but it is easier to use a raspberrypi zero with dronekit in python.

Do you know in what ways it is easier?

A complete library and support