Is a GPS Mast necessary these days? Tarot 650

Hello there! I have a Tarot 650 with a Tmotor Velox 45A 4 in 1 ESC. Also, Tmotor 4006-13 740kv on 4s. I was wondering do I need a GPS mast. My flight controller is a Pixhawk 1. I am using this dark black one that is round from Amazon. Can I just directly mount it onto the frame without a mast. Will it cause interference?

in fact GPS mast is more for external mag in your GPS module
try to install GPS directly on your frame and do a test flight, if you didn’t have any noise on compass no problem keep it on there.

that isn’t not exactly true, you could also have GPS interference if you HDMI or USB3 for example.
But yes, the compass will the be the main issue.

How do you control noise on compass ???

You move it away from interference sources. Interference is proportional to 1/dÂł so a small increase in distance really reduces interference a lot!!!

I put mine on top of the canopy…

I did same, and then realized this is not good to put it on canopy, it creates vibrations, so I removed it from top of canopy and installed gps stand, now its faar from all wires and fc.

Great thanks I will try to mount it on the frame and see what happens.

This is a really cool idea. However, I do not have a canopy haha.

Okay this is good to know.

I am looking how to avoid any vibration from GPS external module? if anyone has nay idea can share

Why its making vibration on canopy ?
Just install it with double sided tape on canopy
I did this on many copyer without problem

After you did test flight send bin log file for analysis

Beautiful canopy @OldGazer

It was off topic, sorry all

Here is .bin file

Neither GPS or the compass is effected by vibration. This is not a factor. Compass isolation from sources of electrical interference is the point and this will vary quite a lot depending on the craft. Obviously it works on Oldgazer’s craft.

Putting on top of canopy we are moving it closer to wires, i mean immediately below canopy we have fc and it wires

problem is high ampere wires like ECSs and battery not FC and other modules

Exactly. ESCs are a major source of magnetic interference and having the ESCs out at the ends of the arms really helps.

FWIW, the 680 Pro hex (red white and blue canopy) is stretched to 812mm and the 650 Sport quad is stretched to 690mm.

I would not recommend mounting a GPS puck to the upper frame plate of a 680 Pro or a 650 Sport because the upper plate is also the Power Distribution Board…

How does adding a GPS puck to the canopy create vibrations? Post pics and a video…