Is a GPS Mast necessary these days? Tarot 650

H4 Alien with GPS mast…

@MrNams the reason of this crash was not vibration
in fact your vibration level was good and low in whole fligh

but something affected bot mags on Y and Z axis and mag2 was affected more

and this noise showed itself on roll

you was could exit this situation and save your copter by switching to stabilize or alt-hold flight mode

Great this is good to know. I have a Tarot 650 without a PDB plate because I am running a 4 in 1 ESC. Therefore, my 4 in 1 is mounted right behind my flight controller on the top and the battery is mounted to the bottom.

@ hosein_ghHosein Ghanbari Yes, you are right, but when i switched to stabilize mode it went out of control, i thinks its issue with loiter mode. I am new so i always prefer loiter mode.
I have to study or disable ekf

Great thanks for clarifying.

Any best and easy tool and blog/video to learn analyzing logs

The PBD is integrated into the the top plate. You are just not using it.

How about posting some pictures so we can see what we are dealing with…

Here is picture of the top of my drone.

I looks like you have an Ironman 650 which does not have a PDB integrated into the top plate.

But instead there is a large PDB/ESC up there. You will want the module a good distance away from that. Does that have to be on the top plate?

Okay I guess I will leave it on the GPS mast then. Thanks! Yes I tried to put the 4 in 1 esc in the middle but I don’t think it will fit because there are standoffs in the way in the middle.

If you have excessive vibrations they could cause cycle slips. I have seen this with my RTK receiver, heavy wind and a bad motor.

I realized that, my Tarot 680Pro crashed and became unstable due to setting GPS module on top of Canopy, now I installed GPS stand and put GPS module far and that made my vehicle stable.

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