Irq_handler in Wheel_Quadrature_encoder

Anyone please tell me about the irq_handler in ardurover driver in BBBlue.
I want to interface roboticscape library for quadrature encoder. So i just want to disable irq_handler and get the encoder reading with a single call from robotiscape library only.
Any suggestion?

Remember this ?

Hi ppoirier,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I appreciate your suggestion i remembered that, i just wanted to understand the flow of the code, where i was stucked in irq_handler method.
By the way that was cleared.
May i ask you another doubt, it can be weird but just to clarify.
If we go with pixhawk and run the ardurover for waypoint navigation having motors with Quadrature encoder.
So if we made our waypoints in APMPlanner/Qgroundcontrol, how does the rover gets the heading and its home position only with encoders? After providing the points, i am putting this in Auto mode? Is this correct?

Hello Rahul,

The Wheel Encoder and the IMU will get fused into EKF3 in order to get the estimate position on a GPS denied environment.
Take a look at the wiki:
The video show a guided mission as using IMU + Wheel Encoders.

And here is the code commit related to this, showing the detailed code and the files modified:

I have gone through the links that you suggested.
I got the point of IMU and Encoder fusion.

Just verify my steps, as i am starting new with my rover-
Provide points in map in APMPlanner/Qgroundcontrol and then put in Auto mode. That’s it?

If you want to run in GPS denied, You need to set HOME position manually using mouse right click, before arming. and then you can control manually to check if the odometry maps OK on the map.
If everything look fine you can do some guided and RTL :wink:

Thanks. That is satisfactory.
Have a good time.:slightly_smiling_face: