IR-Lock Precision Loiter in Auto Mission

Hi all,

I am trying to execute a mission where the vehicle takes off and fly to a waypoint and does a package placement. But I need the package placement to happen within a 20cm x 20cm area. I was thinking of running a precision loiter mode with IR-Lock placed at the waypoint before running the package place. However I can’t find a way to input the precision loiter mode in the auto mission. Current document only talks about selecting the mode via aux switches. Does anyone here have any suggestion how this can be done in auto missions?

Or whether it is possible to run the precision loiter in conjunction with package place without the need for any companion computer control.


By default, precision tracking only happens in Precision Loiter and Land modes (including RTL). You will either have to modify the firmware or find a way to use Land mode to drop your package.

Hi there, thanks for the reply. That’s the same conclusion we’ve reached. This is kind of not possible without modification to the firmware. Just as you mentioned, we are trying to do the package place in landing mode.