IR Lock Precision Landing

Dear All

During the last few days and weeks I tried to use the IRLock with an Benewake TF Mini
The first time I used it works in loiter and land mode. However the subsequent tries, it is able to lock on to the markone beacon in loiter mode but the precision loiter like didnt work or the position change was very fast and therefore the copter missed the target. As for the precision land
I looked at the logfiles however I just see that the IRLock often can’t “see” the beacon and I can’t understand why and will land nearby the beacon.
The lens is properly focused and there was no wind at all so no drift…

Can someone else spot a problem or give me some hints what else I can try?

The log file is as attached:


Please stick with one post , I see you published same issue 2 times before with no answer.
If you dont get answer, I suggest you contact IR Lock directly.

I would defiantly go to the MFG, as some people hold knowledge as power and don’t wish to share, its very annoying having a issue and no body to help, I myself have posted multiple posts about the same issue in different areas lookin for a timely reply, it works but then pisses people off, if the MFG can’t direct you I would then trollllllllllll the hell out of the community until you are past your issue.

God I miss the days of telephone tech support, now its all gosh darn message boards and waiting for days. sux azz…

This problem is a specific issue related to a particular product. Its not a case of people holding knowledge, its just that no one has a clue.

From what we can read, on the last posts, there seem to be problems related to clones units that are not on specs.