IR lock not working

I have drone equipped with Pixy cam, Pixhawk cube black. Camera i set according tutorials, message “Bad vision position” disappears :slight_smile: .
But during landing drone totally ignore the Beacon2 position. Could you please somebody advice me?

I have IR Lock sitting in bags for over 4 months :slight_smile: I wish I can help you.

If I find the time I will play with it. Sorry, cant help at this point.

Hopefully someone will shortly. Hang in there.

Anyway thank you for your answer. I did fight with IR-Lock for several moths. Still no successful result. And on the tutorials it looks do easy. :frowning:
I hope somebody will help me.

Do you use lidar altitude sensor ?

No, lidar was not used. Is it necessary?

yes, without lidar, IR lock will not engage.

OK, thank you, I will test it and let you know.

Hi all, I installed lidar lightware SF11/c and it is working. Camera Pixy and lidar are looking down. Several times I did try precision landing with Beacon 2.1, but not success. Parameters from log looks good. Please can you help me? Log file is included.

Target never acquired, which means that for some reason your IRLock sensor did not see the target.
Did you check the camera as described in this guide ?
Is it actually see the target ?

Your lidar also looks unheathy

Did you keep separation between lidar and pixy ?

Pixy and Beacon is set according manual. What do you mean “separation” between lidar and Pixy? I did setup pixy and Beacon on 12 m using usb connection to PC.
Any idea? What error I did?