Intermittent EKF3 Compass Inconsistency

I recently upgraded to Copter 4.0.3 on our Cube Black autopilots and set the parameters according:
INS_USE == 1
INS_USE2 == 1
INS_USE3 == 1
as recommended over on Cubepilots. (I haven’t switched AHRS_EKF_TYPE == 3 due to lack of time for testing / gaining experience, but hope to soon)
I have started to get these warnings:
Inconsistent Yaw
Not shown in the screen shot is are messages where the EKF3 starts switching compasses. I only have the mag on the here2 as well as compass2 enabled.

What’s weird is that if I power cycle the autopilot, it’ll be just fine for a flight or so but then come back and power cycling will clear it.

Here is a log where it appeared.

Here is the following flight where it was not present. The flights happened one right after the other and no changes to the vehicle other than a battery swap.

Any ideas what’s going on?

What processor load are you getting with that? Maybe it is too overloaded with all IMUs active

I get the EKF2 yaw inconsistent message a lot myself. If I reboot the copter it will go away a flight or two and then come back. I am not sure what is going on or how to fix it. I am also running the black cube, but on 4.0.4 RC3.