Interface with a front bumper switch and reverse?

My rover has two front bumber sensors, and I would like to have it reverse a bit and have it try and find a path around the obstacle when those are triggered.

Should I use a lua script or do you think I can cheat ardupilot into thinking those are rangefinding sensors and just set a few parameters (assuming I don’t have to reverse for now?).

Thank you!

Hi, i am also still loking for a solution regarding bumper. Have you achieved any progres ?

An easy solution is to set it as an analogue range finder connected to the ADC port so it now works as a fixed range rangefinder , I do this for testing rather than having to move the vehicle around. I just flick the switch and it thinks something is there. just set its max range to something like 3cm and it should work like any other rangefinder.

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Thanks.It makes sense, to just use what is allready there.