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Integration of Pixhawk Ardurover and Marvelmind indoor GPS

(Ryan Ho) #1

Hi, I purchased Marvelmind Indoor Navigation starter kit two months ago. I am planning to integrate it onto the Ardurover, using missionPlanner as my ground station control. I have followed the instructions given on: ,

However, it still does not work. Is it ok if I send you my param file, and you guys have a look at it?

(rmackay9) #2

I think that @amilcarlucas is the expert in this area and so hopefully he can provide some advice.

I would hope that the Rover wiki would be the definitive setup guide. If it’s not I would expect that we can improve it. I can update the wiki (as can anybody else actually) but I don’t have a marvel mind so I can’t provide the content.

(Amilcar Lucas) #3

yes, the idea is that people should use our wiki instead of the Marvelmind one.

(Ryan Ho) #4

@amilcarlucas Hi, i am still having problems with the integration, can you give me some advice? I already made the changes in the wiki. The interface ( Dashboard) of the mobile beacon is set as marvelmind. However, my pixHwak LED still displays blue. It has never displayed green indoors despite makign all the changes. Would appreciate if you could provide some help. Thanks in advance

(Darren Goh) #5

@amilcarlucas Hi, i am also facing the same issue here. After connecting the beacons with the modem, there is no GPS lock, hence the Pixhawk LED colour is not solid green. May i have some advice as to how to solve this issue. Thank you.

(Amilcar Lucas) #6

We need to do some tests on our side, but it will unfortunately only happen at the end of January… sorry.