Integrated OSD Support?

I have minimosd installed on tem2 with hud. I noticed the guys where working on it any documentation on this and how to use it or is it Wifi only?


there’s an OSD page on the wiki now… just went in earlier today. The page is a bit non-standard in it’s formatting but hopefully it helps.

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Is there any configuration tool for integrated OSD parameters? I.e. to configure OSD items location etc.

Only in the parameters. I’m not aware of any GUI tools yet.
You can set the location and everything in the parameters.

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This might be out of scope, but what are your thoughts on having the OSD layout be changeable by flight mode? The types of things I care about/want to see might vary between Loiter/Acro/etc, and that might keep an RC channel free for me to use for other things…

I did a layout change depending on FL mode on MinimOSD firmware and can confirm this is highly usable.
This isn’t seems to be hard to implement on ArduPilot OSD.

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Just for information, I did an OSD config tool as part of MissionPlanner.
Not sure how many people are using onboard OSD and is that tool is required, but at least for me it is usefull))

This is how it looks at the moment


That’s great. I’m sure people would find it useful.

Looks awesome! No less friendly than the BetaFlight one, so that’s good.

wow, that is exceptionally awesome! thanks, sergey!

Yes, very nice Sergey!

@Michael_Oborne might be interested in this.
@sergbokh Nice work! Have you made a pull request?

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Yes I did a PR.
Thanks for the feedback guys :slight_smile:

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Bravo, nice one, we are at least 4 or 5 people willing to test it , here in Transylvania !

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Hi ! Is there a link for download-test it ?

Here is the recent autobuild
Plz note this is not the official build.

The PR is here

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Ohh, this was a quick answer !!
So, I never saw the linked page before, but opening it could not find a download link , just a console list…

Sorry, there is an Artifacts tab, then download


@sergbokh your tool is plain awesome, well thought, functional and absolutely intuitive. this will add major convenience to ArduPilot onboard OSD setup. once merged we should see to get this announced and documented properly asap. and thanks a lot again!

cheers, basti.


Like a charm ! Love it, thanks !!