Installing Pixhawk 2.1 and HERE+

We get requests to install Pixhawk in our drone with HERE+

But because we never installed this flight controller I want the correct info and best ways to let it fly how we want.

We did some tests but reaction in this Flight controller is slow.

Also HERE+ isn’t showing up in device manager even after installing the U-block GNSS

First step is to read and follow the documentation here:

Then, if you need it, the vendor you purchased from should be able to help.

Posting results from your tests would be useful too: but follow the manual and set it up properly first.

The drone is flying with gps.

But the RTK isn’t showing up in the mission planner.

I installed the program to find it but still isn’t showing up.

Can I get in contact with a technical person in Europe? Because the sales person only knows how to sell all the rest is unknown for him.