Insert Waypoint After Waypoint #

Does anybody know what happened to the Right Click, Insert WPT After WPT# option in the latest Mission Planner?

It should still be there. If it’s gone it shouldn’t have


I see if you select Insert Spline WP it defaults to a location in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa - is there any way of changing that default location a little closer to the actual flight plan area?

is this in MP beta? or MP stable?

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1.3.70 build 1.3.7277.34800 with ArduRover V4.0.0-rc-1

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I have the same need to insert a waypoint at a specific point in an existing mission or either to be able to insert it at the end (default) and easily cut and paste it back up where I need it.

In case this helps someone, though, the way I do it now is to create the new waypoint, save the waypoints out to a temporary file, go into a text editor and cut and paste the waypoint where I want it. There is not need to renumber the lines. MP renumbers as it brings them in. This isn’t too bad of a work around.

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please try the latest beta MP
you will see an extra + on every line to do a mid point insert


Thank you Michael, that is an awesome feature, and thank you so much for putting that little green button back to view/hide the waypoint table.

I feel terrible asking, but any idea when we are going to be able to use more than 700 waypoints?

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That will be very useful and time saving. Thank you, Michael.


the 700 limit is an ardupilot limit.
if you use a cubeblack/orange, with a custom firmware you can jump up over double that limit

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Michael I use Cube Black - where can I find documentation on this ‘custom firmware’?

Searching now …

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i dont think it exists in public. but i know ive used it.

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I sure would appreciate who to contact regarding using that option.

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cube black? orange? .

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“Michael I use Cube Black - where can I find documentation on this ‘custom firmware’?”

It’s just the latest cube black firmware with the max WP modification

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I will go to the Hex Board and ask how one goes about doing that.

That link I posted has a firmware file that has the modification

I fear you give me far too much credit for my knowledge regarding the workings of these controllers.

Is there a step by step guide anywhere on how to use this file?

I’m leaning towards ‘Load Custom Firmware’ in Mission Planner, but what will happen to Rover 4.0? as I have just got that working right?