Ins enable mask =127

Per default the parameter is set to 127. Dont know the meaning of 127 but when selecting the IMU 1 and 2 INS_ENABLE_MASK=3 the IMU2 is OFF.
When setting back this parameter to 127 both IMU1,2 are ON. What is the meaning of 127 and why the logic setting of 3 switchs OFF the IMU2?
I am using a MatekH743 with FW4.1. Thank you for any input!

Set it to default (127-all). This is a mask that scans for the available IMU’s it doesn’t set the IMU’s on the particular FC covered by this target (several). For example the Matek H743-Wing V2 has an IMU that yours doesn’t but it uses the same firmware target. So, leave it at default.

Hi Dave, did not catch you, the Matekh743 v2 has a different secound IMU compared to the MatekH743 v1 both have 2 IMUs, but that does not explain the logic behind this mask. 1st there is no explanation of the meaning of 127 in the wiki, and Mission Planner shows the menu to select or deselect the IMUs we want to turn on or off. This is the logic I see from the Mission Planner. The issue is when I select only IMU1 and IMU2 (mask=3) after reboot the IMU2 is switched OFF. I see this in all MatekH743, this logic is different in other AP like the Pixhawk or Kakute. When selecting IMU1 & IMU2 (mask=3) both are operating. Please double check!