Initializing GSF on a large vehicle (boat)

I’ve followed the instructions for compass-less operation (to the best of my knowledge) but have been unable to get the “EKF yaw alignment complete” message by moving the vehicle in a circle as suggested in the documentation. My GPS has a RTK fix with gpsh_acc of 0.02. I have an Unhealthy AHRS message with pos_horiz_abs off. I have yet to get GSF initialized properly and am unable to arm the system.

With the internal compass enabled on my Pixhawk4 I find a “delay” in the navigation begins within about 30 seconds of starting the Pixhawk. Even thought the GPS is operating at 230400 baud (external NMEA), if I’ve been moving forward for awhile and then stop the boat, the icon on the display keeps moving for 5- 8 seconds before the autopilot catches up (vehicle icon keeps moving forward and then jumps back to the place where it was commanded to stop). This delay is experienced in real-time operation on the water. I’ve played with refresh rates on the GCS and nothing changes, so I don’t believe it is related to the HUD streaming rates. When I switched to GSF (bench testing with RTK NMEA input), the delay disappears. In my testing I loaded a ‘stock’ rover profile and configured it for a external RTK NMEA GPS. This produced the results noted above.

Bottom line, I am operating at speeds where GPS heading should be accurate enough that I can rely on GSF. I’d rather not use the compass except as a fallback sensor. Any thoughts on how to get the GSF working?