Initial yaw alignment at the take off

Hello everyone I get this message every time I takeoff on Loiter mode, and the yaw moves on every takeoff. Is this normal? its a compass issue? I have serverl models, and in almost every one I got this behavior. I appreciate any comment. thanks!


I’ve seen that behavior consistently on my quad. Right after each takeoff it makes a small yaw movement. I think it has something to do with an EKF setting for the compass.

Changing that setting could maybe make it go away. But that would also change the type of alignment I think, so I would stick to the default setting on that one

This is normal, and it it always there.


The message is normal.
If you are seeing a twitch then your compass calibration my be out.
Do a flight with lots of yaw movements and maybe a figure 8 if you can. Post a link to that log and we can run it through Magfit.