Initial setup is not very good, big drone

I am writing from a translator
hello i have a 1500mm drone
before that there was a controller dji a2, the drone did not fly perfectly, but lelat, after the crash I decided to change the old a2, which has not been supported on cuav x7 for a long time.
My first setup is failing, I can’t even get off the ground. I enter the first parameters using a calculator using the ALT-A command. the drone is behaving wildly agitated.
my drone configuration
cuav x7
tmutor p80 100kv
prop t-motor mf30 inches
esc alpha 80a

battery 60ah 12s
homemade aluminum frame
this is how my parameters look like

maybe I’m doing something wrong. I ask for help

Post the parameter file or a .bin flight log of a take-off attempt.

set these parameters, I was able to take off. but very unstable it shakes it in a circle like a toilet bowl

Those logs require Access. Remove that requirement.

Completed, opened
removed the requirement

I don’t really see the problem. You are in AltHold Mode your raise the throttle past mid-stick and it climbs and then hovers at mid- throttle with RC outpurs ~1600us. This is what AltHold does. Take off in Stabilize Mode.