Increasing vertical speeds

I’m not sure if someone can help me here with his but I’m looking into increasing the vertical ascend and descend speeds.
I understand that this comes with risks but I would like to achieve vertical speeds of at least 10m/s.
Are the current limits on the arducopter for simple safety reasons or are there other limitations in the software?

Like I said I’m aware of the physical problems with these speeds (Vortex ring state etc…)


Limits ?
You need to specify what mode you mean, and what configuration changes you made to hit the “limits”.

It’s depends upon the mode but in general the relevant parameters are:

PILOT_SPEED_UP, PILOT_SPEED_DN controls the maximum climb and descent rate in semi-autonomous modes including AltHold, Loiter, PosHold.
WPNAV_SPEED_UP, WPNAV_SPEED_DN controls the maximum climb and descent rates in fully autonomous modes (Auto, Guided, RTL)

thanks for yoru reply
but arent the settings for these parameters limited ?
I think the maximum veritcal speed that can be set by just changing the parameters is 5m/s or am i mixing something up ?


If you are referring to what shows as the max value in Mission Planner that is not a limit.

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Yes, as @dkemxr says, the limits shown in the ground station can be overridden. To be more precise, the Full Parameter List and Full Parameter Tree pages allow updating the value to pretty much anything.

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