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Increasing Clip values while low vibe level with Pixhawk 4 and AC vers. 3.6.9

Hello everybody,
These days we tested a 480 size quadcopter equipped with Pixhawk 4. First with ArduCopter 3.6.9 - later with PX4 Pro 1.9.0. During the flights with the AC firmware, we already noticed the increase of the clip values ​​on the X and Y axis during the flight. The vibe values ​​for X and Y show a few peaks around 20, otherwise between 10 and 15. From my experience I would say actually good values ​​that rather not indicate a vibration problem. Nevertheless we checked all motors and propellers but did not find any problems. It is also amazing that the vibe values ​​for Z are slightly higher on average, but Clip 2 always stays at 0.

The question is now what is the problem. IMU resets usually show up during the flight for example sudden changes in flight altitude and other kind of remarkable twitches. That was not noticeable here. Is it possible that there is “only” a problem with the data reading?

We then flashed this copter comparatively with PX4 Pro. The displayed vibe values ​​are comparable but 0 clip on all axes.

Very misterious. Does anyone know the problem and or the cause when using the AC firmware with Pixhawk 4?

Log is too large for a direct upload so you can download it here:

Hi Tom… I have a similar issue not sure its version related im on 4.o … vibe values are low z axis occasionally hits 20 but clip2 shows clipping increases… odd thing is I’m seeing this on 2 of my 3 copters…coptors all same size different configuration…did you ever resolve this? I’m wondering if accelerometer reporting on clip2 is bad

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