Increase in battery voltage during flight

HI , i am using a hexa with 4s battery with total lift-off weight is 3329 gm. my flight performance was normal and vehicle did not shown any anomaly apart from the voltage behavior. During the flight my voltage was increasing instead of decrease. What could be the possible reason behind this ? can any one explain what it is and how to correct it ?
here is the link of my flight log.

Set it up as this page with the exception of choosing “other” as the sensor type.Enter your FC and it should set it up.

Your settings at the minute


Mine are


Once set yours should look more like mine and should sense the two values correctly.

yes thanks a lot . it is showing correctly

just now i was doing one exercise that checking the voltage of lipo in flight using small lipo tester and the voltage in the flight data screen are not same. In flight data screen it was showing 14.56 volt whereas at the the lipo tester and voltege across an esc was same i.e. 15.4 volt. Why such ? As a beginner i am not able to debug it.

Good news.

It’s all about calibration from there.Entering the value shown measured on the tester (use a multimeter,not a cheapo alarm) and then hitting TAB,should balance those two out.It may then take a few seconds to settle down as it averages out the readings.The two readings should match near enough if you do it that way.

many time i am not getting my telemetry log after flight and while logging, only few time i got the telemetry log. Will anyone help me to sort this out and make necessary arrangement so that any time when my copter disarm after land telemetry log should be created automatically.

Sure, just read:

Sir, can you help me about this topic ?
sir i am sharing a flight log for my last fight of hexa. During flight, i have observed that my hexa is oscillating too much on pitch axis. Even after some time i lost the control and hexa just flipped upside down. The same behavior observed three time whenever i tried to lift the copter up. please help me to find th difficulty. Here is the log of one of the flight.

Give me a few days.I’m on vacation.

First off the compass offsets are too high.

PARM, 28243515, COMPASS_OFS_X, -14.15966
PARM, 28243537, COMPASS_OFS_Y, 113.2021
PARM, 28243560, COMPASS_OFS_Z, -825.4415

Secondly the Pitch/Roll PID values vary by a lot.

PARM, 28322202, ATC_RAT_RLL_P, 0.11476
PARM, 28322244, ATC_RAT_RLL_I, 0.11476
PARM, 28322287, ATC_RAT_RLL_D, 0.0036

PARM, 28322682, ATC_RAT_PIT_P, 0.06208805
PARM, 28322730, ATC_RAT_PIT_I, 0.06208805
PARM, 28322779, ATC_RAT_PIT_D, 0.01105438

I’d try setting the Pitch PIDs the same as the Roll PIDs and then autotune it again.

Depending on if you are using 12 inch or above props set the ATC_RAT_PIT_FILT, to 10 instead of 20 on both axes.

There’s some other stuff going on but it will take a bit of deeper digging to figure out what.

i am using a 10 inch propeller, as this is the hobby but i want to take it to the professional level. So you mean to say that i need to tune it once again by setting the Roll PID and Pitch PID same and then start autotune. WHat will be the default value that i can set for that ? Along with it how to reduce the compass offset ?

Hi Jagger,

suppose i am doing a manual flight under the open sky and getting the flight path and altitude of the mission in flight log. Now if i want to use the same flight path and altitude (that i executed manually as per previous explanation), but using autonomy of mission planner, can i do it ? If yes then please guide me how to do it ?

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I’d set the Pitch PIDs to the same as the Roll PIDs and then start an autotune for Pitch and Roll (3).

I don’t know how to capture waypoints from a manual flight to turn into a mission but I’m sure there’s a way of doing it.I just don’t know what it is.I always plan my missions beforehand and create them in Mission Planner.

hi jagger, will you please help me to connect mavproxy and mission planer together using either UDP or TCP communication. there are several link to do it but i found it very confusing. DO we need telemetry to establish the connection ?

Yes,you need telemetry of some sort.After that Mission Planner does all the work.

3DR or SIK radios are usually used @ 433MHz in the ROW.US is different frequency (915).

hi jagger,
i need a help to resolve one issue. when i am at pos hold mode of flight, a disturbing gust changing its altitude. sometime it is shooting up but sometime it is decreasing altitude. but when air stops it is regaining its altitude. is it common in pixhawk, if not then how to get rid of this problem ?

Hi jagger,
I am sharing four different logs of my quadcopter. These all four logs are associated with the same vehicle configuration with same payload.

What i have observed that for the same vehicle and same payload my motor’s balancing start deteriorating. First two log associated with the flight on 12th balancing was good, but on 13th it become worst and during second attempt made on 13th at 11:14 AM, it just crashed with very random behavior. The odd behavior observed was the undesired roll in the system during the take off and during the flight too. Though the last log will tell that there i s a GPS glitch but situation was not good even before the glitch. Why this odd behavior came into the system, while i did not change anything in the system ? Please help in finding that.