Increase IMU stream rate over 50 HZ

Hi, community!

I’ve got Pixhawk 2.1 Cube Black, experimenting with self-made imu-navigation system. According to that, I’m interested in increasing stream rate for data (especially accelerometer) over 50hz in connection with mavros. Found that 50hz is a limit, and therefore I should modify source code somehow.
I there any recipe for doing this? Or 50hz is a limit for reason? If it is, what’s the reason?
P.S. Yeah, I’ve found same question here Increasing imu stream rate , but there’s no explanation, why it is a limit.
I’ve got small experience in APM, therefore sorry for maybe odd question in advance…

Have you got any info about changing in the source code? I use Cube Orange and the rate is limited to 180Hz! and I need at least 300Hz

Did you guys have any luck with this?

Specifically for Cube Orange and IMU rate of maybe 400Hz?


Don’t think so.
What would you do with that kind of speed anyway?
If you really want high speed, you might customize the source code and implement your work embedded.

Thanks anyway. I’ll work something out. I did get up to around 160hz while trying today.

Combining with 3D LiDAR for SLAM. 10hz is nowhere enough!