Inconsistent yaw and des yaw in auto mode

Hi, I’m using auto mode and the drone is immediately fell down but motor is still arming on the land and I have to do emergency stop.
Please help analyse the log file and determine the reason of this crash, thank you.

Logging and everything just stopped mid-air like the flight controller locked up or failed, or it’s Vcc (power brick) suddenly failed.

The yaw oscillations could just be a problem with tuning, but most likely is because during that flight the motor outputs are reasonably high leaving no “headroom” for yaw. If you’ve got a very high take-off weight, such as crop sprayer, you could see this improve towards the end of the flight as weight decreases. If you want better yaw control you’ll either have to increase lift or decrease take-off weight.

Once you get the aircraft operational again feel free to share logs from test flights, and describe the motors, props, take-off weight and frame in detail. We might be able to help with tuning.
For a start, these could be set:

EDIT: and say what ESC’s you are using too