Inconsistent pwm signal of hexacopter's motor

The flight mode was stab mode, and the rotor was removed. Frame is hexa-x.
I was checking the status of each motor before the flight.
When the throttle is high, the pwm signal of each motor is about 1890.
However, as time goes by, the pwm signal of motors 2, 4, and 5 becomes lower.
Not only the values ​​but also the actual 2, 4, and 5 pwm signals were 1600, which was confirmed with the naked eye.
I did esc cali.
What is this problem?
Is the yaw value for throttle?

These anomalies are normal at the bench. You are not flying and probably inside some room full of interference making.

When you say rotor was removed, you mean props right?

Yes, it’s prop. It’s in Stabil mode, is it affected by the inside?

The flight controller knows that what it’s trying is having no effect - too muh inside and bench testing will not show how the flight controller will actually behave outide with the props on

The only way to properly Test Motors on the bench is either with Mission Planners Motor Test feature or similar (BLHeli configurator, etc) which provides out-of-loop direct control of the motors. Testing as you have done, regardless of flight mode, is meaningless.

As others said, yes because you are inside. My bench Pixhawk goes crazy and makes servos move around even everything just sitting flat.

Just do motor test via MP. if everything looks good. Go fly it. What’s the worst can happen? Crash it and then the Crazy Glue comes handy :slight_smile: