In autotune vehicle just twitch like 5 degrees

log file

So I tried autotune today and it twiched like 2-3 times but with very little angle. But it wasn’t slow. Also when I looked to log file I saw 3 things:

  1. Pilot says he didn’t moved sticks from center. So I will change RC1, 2, 3, 4 DZ
  2. At first point, I see 1 failing to level error. Is that normal?
  3. I don’t have a telemetry and I can’t see when it twich in log

Is there any suggestion?

None of the stick center inputs matched the trim position set in the parameters. I wouldn’t changed the DZ because that will make the control feel sluggish or sloppy. Better to check that the radio your using doesn’t have the trims turned on. If they are, turn them off and zero all the outputs on the radio. Then re-do the radio calibration in Mission Planner.

A single fail to level error is not unusual. As long as it continues to run the autotune you’re okay.

It looks like there’s a few twiches in the log, looking at the ATT.DesRoll and ATT.Roll, but the tune was never finished so no values were reported.

  • Update to AC 4.2.2
  • Set ARMING_CHECK,1 (You took off before the GPS had proper lock)
  • Fix the radio output/trim and calibration.
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It does look like you have read the autotune page instructions based on you increase DZ parameters. I have recently autotuned 4 quads and had one that would not tune and this was also due to a poor radio calibration so maybe try and recalibrate the radio and make sure all trims are centered. also I thought I had the vehicle facing the proper direction into the wind but this was not the case so maybe turn it a different direction. winds aloft are different than eye level winds. and as always make sure and read the Tuning instructions which it looks like you have.

Thanks for the responses!!
So I retried Autotune but battery wasn’t enough autotune log. After that fly, we looked at last pid values has been written to log. And loaded that pid values to vehicle. We retried with an other battery but nothing happened. Then we guessed it’s about changing pid values and we restored with old values. and also nothing happened. So we reloaded values from logs :slight_smile:. last log.

If you don’t have enough flight time then set AUTOTUNE_AXES as needed to do just one at a time. Remember to disarm in Autotune mode to have it save the new values.

And don’t ever do this. It has to complete.

I always tune one axis at a time on any quad just to be sure you always have enough battery to complete the tune. as mentioned above change the AUTOTUNE_AXES to pitch, roll, or yaw based on what one you want to tune. once you get the tune complete chime or msg to appear switch out of autotune then back into it to fly new pids if you like them land and they should be saved. I went the route of putting autotune on one of the rc_options switches so once my autotune completed to get the pids to save I would switch my autotune switch to low then also switch out of althold into stabilized then switched my rc_opticons switch back to high flew and if i liked them landed disarmed and pids were saved. Per the docs althold produces the best autotune so it would be beneficial to do autotune from this flight mode.

I already set that AUTOTUNE_AXES to 1 to just tune roll axis. But It doesn’t twich fastly. I mean it twiches 2-3 times. then likely 20-30 seconds. That is why battery isn’t enough. from that video I don’t think it’s okay but I didn’t see any information about that anywhere.

Autotune has changed since that video was made. The user process is the same but, at least from what I’ve seen, the quad doesn’t twitch as much as before. Also you don’t get a message in the telemetry for every twitch.