IMU units of the pixhalk log


  1. I am trying using the raw IMU values of the (pixhalk) log , what are the units?
    While acc sims to be m/s/s
    The Gr does not look like deg/sec the number are very low fracture somewhere between 0.002 to 0.5

2)The pixhalk have IMU, IMU1 and IMU2 what is the diffrence between tham?
Many thanks

  1. I believe they are rad/sec/sec.

  2. The Pixhawk runs 3 separate (redundant) IMU sensors, those are the logs of all 3.

Hello , hunt0r
Thank you for your help,.
I was sure that the Gr’s are angular velocities and there for units may be rad/sec, arent they?

Gyros integrate angular accelerations (r/s/s) to estimate angular velocities (r/s). I’m not sure which log field you’re reading, but the units are consistent with the quantity.

Hello agian the file is a tlog

I believe a tlog is a Mission Planner log, not a PixHawk log. (Pixhawk logs are called DataFlash logs.)

The angular rate (i.e. angular velocity) logs very likely have units of [rad/s].

If you want more help verifying the units of some quantity you’re interested in, would you upload the log itself, as well as specify which field you have a question about?