Imu switching compass every 20 seconds

I witnessed a very strange thing happening today. I turned on my system and arducopter started switching compasses endlessy, from 0 to 1 and back to zero and so on.

Rebooted the system and all was ok.

Since i am using Zubax external magnetometer i guess is still something not ok with uavcan driver.

Arducopter is really a great system but definitely needs the compass stuff to be handled a little bit less confusing for users and easier to setup and actually see what the system is using. After months on compasses i still do not understand it 100%.
My system has 4 compasses, 2 internal in the Cube 2.1 and 2 externally mounted on the Zubaxx GPS. Believe it or not i haven’t been able todate to have the 2 external ones working and the 2 internal not.
Out of 4 magnetometers i really do not understand how the system picks the 3 it can handle, apart from that it is really not clear at all how to disable the internal and make sure the external are ok and working.

Since i regularly read a lot of messages on magnetometers problems wouldn’t be great to make that part of software a bit better to have stronger foundations before implementing new stuff?
Saying “make it better” i do not mean it is not good, i am just saying that for average people it is really obscure and difficult to understand the logic behind how the system uses magnetometers.

I am running AC 3.6 RC12 ChibiOS

just my opinion,


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Could you post a log somewhere of a situation where the EKF is switching which compass it is using? I’ll ask @priseborough if he can have a look.

I’ve added a couple of to-do items to our Copter-3.6 related wiki updates issue. Note: Github seems to be having some performance problems today so some updates are not being reflected properly when viewing the issues.