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IMU Filter Tool

(Guglie) #21

To see effects of filters I suppose it’s not simple, because you need original signal to simulate the appliance of filters.

Maybe the effect of filters can be estimated using only FFT batches, but I don’t know how to do it.

(Amilcar Lucas) #22

Batch sampler simply stores 32 samples in a single log_write() function call.
The IMU_RAW that you use needs 32 fuction cals to log_write() in order to log the same amount of data.
The batch sampler is simply more efficient and has less overhead.

The batch sampler does not perform FFT!! the FFT is performed on the ground station.

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(Guglie) #23

@amilcarlucas Oh, sorry I wasn’t aware of that! Thought it was a FFT batch to reduce log size, not only to reduce log_write() calls.
So yes we can use batch sampler!

I just need to check the log message format

(Andyp1per) #24

Hey @guglie I have this working but I thought I saw a graph from you which showed frequency over time? How do I do that? Or is that a different tool?