IMU Batch Sampling: does it log one sensor per time slot?

Not sure if I got your question right, but Gyroflow assumes a fixed angle between the camera and the log source. So if you intend use logs from a flight controller (whether it runs ArduPilot or any other software), the camera should be mounted rigidly* to the frame. Otherwise, you want logs from the camera itself.

*the necessary footnote: the frequencies above half the logging rate (400 or 500 Hz for AP, I don’t remember which one) cannot be processed anyway, so if your vibration damper cuts these frequencies only, that will work even better.

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I didn’t get to trying Gyroflow yet, but I just want to share the log file, that was created on a windy flight with a ligth wing (Z84):

Actually, this one looks pretty manageable. It is difficult to say, however, whether the smoothed trajectory will still satisfy you, but there does not seem to be a lot of the high-frequency noise.

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Gyroflow is working again with AP logs, grab the dev build from here: Last automated build | Gyroflow