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Implementing my python command code for the servos into ardupane

I didn’t found any topic similar to mine so i’m posting it.
I’m working on a project aiming at controlling a parachute by acting on the two levers.
I’ve already made a software in python to command the levers (resp left and right) and i only need to implement that soft into the ardupilot code.
Due to the similarities with a plane i opted for arduplane (2 servos L/R, similar on the parachute’ss wing).
How can i implement my soft, and what entry/output do i need to give to arduplane to make it work with my soft ? I can also remake it in C++ if that’s easier.
I’m working with a raspberry pi4, Navio2 and the latest version of Arduplane

Thanks alot for reading !

update (don’t know how to edit sorry):
in order to progress, i’d need to either make ArduPlane send the course to my software, or modify the way Ardduplane controls the servos.
While looking at Servos.cpp i didn’t catch how they were controlled, nor did i saw where the course was calculate, if it is.
I’m kind of running out of ideas on that topic, thanks for every bit of help you can bring along !

Perfect use case for lua scripting

I’ll dig into that. i’m not familiar at all with lua scripting but seems that there’s enough on the subject for me to make something out of it. Thanks/

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