Im trying to update my software in Help

When clicking on the help tab and scrolling down there is no update box like I see when looking at tutorials. How can I get the latest update with the new iCons in MP?

You don’t see these buttons at the bottom of the Help screen?
Then go here Installing Mission Planner

I have downloaded the latest version and went through the process and still have version 1.3.75.

Im trying to run a Window installer called Mono, hoping this might be the issue.

Those update buttons should do the trick if you’re on windows. Unless you have an Admin issue. If you need to remove the old version and start from scratch.

Are you on Linux?

Okay, so, I have a AMD Ryzen tm 3 3250U processor. Running Windows 11 on an HP laptop.
Still trouble shooting. My last update now shows version 1.3.75 of MP. Does anyone know the current version of MP?

1.3.80 is latest.

Purge the old install and start from scratch.