I'm not getting battery failsafe through telemetry/OSD

I noticed this issue several times when I was landing, battery failsafe was triggered - buzzer was beeping, LED flashing but no message in telemetry or OSD. I have connected telemetry and OSD on the same serial port. FS is also logged. I have no idea what is wrong, any settings ?
hexa, FC: pixhawk, sw 3.4.x and now 3.5RC too

Hi Ivosch,

I think the explanation is quite simple:

You have deactivated the failsafe actions (says disabled in the drop down box) so neither RTL nor LAND are triggered - I assume that this als means that there is no telemetry message (as basically Failsafe is disabled).

However, the documentation says that even if FS is disabled as you have it the copter will blink and issue the audio warning.

So actually your baby is behaving exaclty as documented - take a look at the bottom part of here:


I suspect that the “issue” will go away as soon as you enable one of the FS options and thus enable FS.

Hope this helps,

I read the documentation: …the documentation says that even if FS is disabled as you have it the copter will:

  • blink and
  • issue the audio warning.
  • AND “Low Battery!” message appearing on the ground stations HUD (if using telemetry)

And this is not happening to me :frowning:

Nobody? As I remember, it was working in the past…

update: I noticed there is failsafe message but only once displayed. Is this normal behaviour? It is easy missed this message. On the other hand, warning message about GPS lock is showing periodically which is not so important as low battery voltage :frowning: