I2c connectors for the cube

Hello all,
Does anybody know where I can get i2c connecters for the pix hawk 2.1 cube? I have some old i2c connecters pictured on the left that I need to switch to the new format with the retaining clip as pictured on the right.

Hello @Gramslam

You can buy with any CubePilot reseller at your region, look for the Cube Standard Cable Set, like this one:

In this kit comes all the cables are included in a regular Cube.

You are likely looking for JST GH connectors. You can get cable sets like suggested above.

Or if you need to make something custom kits like this can be useful too.

A few other common connectors
Hirose DF13
Molex Pico Blade
JST XH (battery balance connectors)

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That’s a very nice option man!

Thanks for sharing!