I want to say thank you to all that helped me. My first 12 minute flight :)

Now I can start to play with the rest of the things

ESC settings

From what I read I should be able to go down to 12.8V with the 4S battery so I will try to find that setting next. I have 16’’ props at work that didn’t work before but they might work now so that might also change things.

Exciting times.

While connected to MissionPlanner press Alt A and step through the dialog about prop size and battery. When it presents the list of parameters you can check or uncheck them so you only change the ones you want to.
Normally you accept all of them but if you have already done tuning, you may want to just use the battery settings. The correct battery failsafe settings will be set for you.
Check your battery failsafe actions for Low and Critical levels.